Update sorry it has been a while.

Fire on the Horizon and Myself will be heading over to Tobias (Lolita Stasi)'s studio in Gothenburg, Sweden from June 14 - 21st to record a near Full Length to be put out on Empyreal Later this year.

Looks like the FROM NOW ON Outlined Shapes EP may get pushed back one month but will be out on our around July 1st.

We have a trade agreement going on with Denovali Records out of Germany so you can come out to any show that I am at and ask me about getting ahold of some of their material as well as my own. (Some bands include the Hope and the Failure, Efra and Seeing Means More.)

We will begin working more closely with Lolita Stasi and Archer in Jeopardy as of July 1st as well when I get back from Europe and planning out Lolita Stasi next release as well as the full length of Archer in Jeopardy with artwork hopefully by Drew Speziale of Circle Takes the Square.

So keep an eye out for us.. talk to you soon.

Joseph Beaulieu/Empyreal Records out.
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Some Quick Updates for you all:
Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna, Tonteknik Studios) is done mastering the FRMNWN 'outlined shapes' EP and the DAT is on it's way here. Now it is just a matter of time. They will be sent off to the presses as soon as it arrives and I am hoping to decide on an official release date soon. Keep checking back for more. This is going to be amazing.

Also in the works are plans to record a full length for FRMNWN to be released later in 2006. As well Fire on the Horizon are gearing up to record some new material to be released to 12" with Empyreal Records. And a reminder to keep an eye out for more news pertaining to Lolita Stasi's follow-up EP to Ruhr.

It seems that we will be working with Drew Speziale to create some album artwork, posters, and label artwork for Empyreal Records. Drew is the singer for Savannah, Georgia based band Circle Takes the Square who are currently on tour since Feb. 3rd. When they return he will buckle down to do some solo art projects one of which will include artwork for Empyreal.

You can see more of Drew's Artwork at:

And if you haven't yet go listen to one of my all time favorite bands Circle Takes the Square at:
Lolita Stasi will be recording their follow up to Ruhr as a 12" EP available through Empyreal Records later this year. They go into their studio in April and we are not gonna rush this highly expected and sure to be magnificent contribution to their discography. This release will be self-recorded and also mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna).

Get more Lolita Stasi news, Mp3's, pictures, desktops, etc. at:

Joseph Beaulieu/Empyreal Records
Contact me with band submissions/show requests/anything else at:
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check us out..

Add us if you are feeling generous.
Slated for release later this year The Hope and The Failure on 12" full length vinyl. Hail from Stockholm, Sweden.

as well as a release of Circle of Dead Children's full length onto Vinyl of Zero Comfort Margin.

much love,
Joseph Beauieu.
Empyreal Records, Inc.
76 North Union Apt. 6
Burlington, VT 05401
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may 28th @ plantation umc
from a fallen empire
theory of us
company of heroes (ex members of embrace the eternal & something of value. first show)
red sky
+ more tba

it'll probably start at 6 or 7, it depends on how many more bands get added. If you're interested in playing this show, reply to this or aim andnothinghurtx