inthetwilightof (inthetwilightof) wrote in ourpassion,

Update sorry it has been a while.

Fire on the Horizon and Myself will be heading over to Tobias (Lolita Stasi)'s studio in Gothenburg, Sweden from June 14 - 21st to record a near Full Length to be put out on Empyreal Later this year.

Looks like the FROM NOW ON Outlined Shapes EP may get pushed back one month but will be out on our around July 1st.

We have a trade agreement going on with Denovali Records out of Germany so you can come out to any show that I am at and ask me about getting ahold of some of their material as well as my own. (Some bands include the Hope and the Failure, Efra and Seeing Means More.)

We will begin working more closely with Lolita Stasi and Archer in Jeopardy as of July 1st as well when I get back from Europe and planning out Lolita Stasi next release as well as the full length of Archer in Jeopardy with artwork hopefully by Drew Speziale of Circle Takes the Square.

So keep an eye out for us.. talk to you soon.

Joseph Beaulieu/Empyreal Records out.
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